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Max Aub



“This I have seen. And I’m still alive. And there are still some who do not want to know.”

The testemonial hardness is one of the chief qualities of this dry and sordid text from Aub. I do not want anyone to comfort me, "says Emma Blumennthal, resisting melodramatic temptation and oblivion. She tries to mitigate her own bitterness for all the losses, finding them a sense and a mission. And her mission is the testimonial, the ,presence and the denunciation: this I have seen. Yes! And I'm still alive. And there are still some who do not ,want to know. Her words take on an enormous dimension and justify their presence before us. Despite the suffering, this woman tortured by life and by the story decides to go ahead, to live, to fight and, above all, to remember, because as she says: if there is no memory, why do we live? This clearly explains our proposal: to break the frontiers of silence and oblivion. That is why it came, to let us observe its misery and degradation, so let's put this text into play; in order not to forget those who have lived through these and other wars, to remind the victims to exile, as a living and effective instrument to challenge society.

Ignácio Garcia

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