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BTC · Braga Theatre Company by the present document, Teatro Circo de Braga shows its commitment to comply with the existing legislation at all times, as well as to treat your personal data in conformity with the present Privacy Policy and the GDPR  · General Data Protection Regulation

Every time you use BTC · Braga Theatre Company's website [ ] or whenever you contact BTC · Braga Theatre Company, any Personal Data shared with the institution will be treated in conformity with the GDPR and the existing Privacy Policy, so it is advised that you carefully read the present document in order to evaluate if you agree with the conditions.

BTC · Braga Theatre Company's website may contain links to other websites and services that have their own Privacy Policies. It is recommended that you carefully read these third parties Privacy Policies, as it is not BTC · Braga Theatre Company's responsibility.

BTC · Braga Theatre Company  reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy. Every time an alteration is made to the Privacy Policy, the user will be informed of the alterations through BTC · Braga Theatre Company’s website or, if necessary, by communication, where you will be asked to renew your consent regarding the use of your data.

Who is responsible for handling your data?


Cooperativa de Responsabilidade Limitada [ Limited Liability Cooperative ], with its head office in Avenida da Liberdade, 697, 4710-251 Braga,


Corporate Tax Identification Number 504032526,

is responsible for handling your Personal Data.

The user may contact
BTC · Braga Theatre Company  through the following means:
Tel.: [+351]  253 217 167  |   253 612 174
Email address:


What data is collected from audience and/or clients, how is it handled and in what grounds?

BTC · Braga Theatre Company  collects different types of Personal Data according to the purposes, collecting mostly the following:

Tax Number;
Citizen card number.

Email address;
Phone number and/or mobile number.

Institutional data:
Institutional email address.

If you visit the Theatre’s facilities, your image may be captured by the surveillance cameras.

If you attend a show , your image may be captured by photographic record and/or video of the event, for  CTB content producer - Maria Augusta Productions

The purposes for the handling of Personal Data are the following:

a) Marketing: BTC · Braga Theatre Company  may use your email address to communicate with you by sending you an e-mail, namely about:
- Newsletter announcing activities taking place at Teatro Circo de Braga;
- To disclose promotions or discounts on the acquisition of tickets for certain events;
- To publicize promotions of the products sold (merchandising).

b) Video surveillance: All of
BTC · Braga Theatre Company  and Teatro Circo de Braga’s spaces are under video surveillance that is properly identified. The images are captured with the purpose of guarantying the security of people and assets. The images are stored in secure files with restricted access, for the maximum period of 30 (thirty) days.

c) Images/Photographs/video: Every public event organized/programmed by BTC · Braga Theatre Company or presented at its facilities, may be photographed or filmed. The captured images are for photographic and/or video registry of the events. The images and/or videos are stored in secure files in the BTC · Braga Theatre Company archive. The images and/or videos are only shared upon explicit consent from the holder for the purpose.

d) Recruitment: During the personnel selection and recruitment process, BTC · Braga Theatre Company collects and handles personal data of the candidates. The personal data to be treated is that included in the Curriculum Vitae, as well as any other data that may spontaneously be provided to Teatro Circo de Braga, including but without limiting, name, age, gender, photograph, contact data (email address and telephone number), information about education, career history.

e) Recruitment procedures: In conformity with the contractual relationship established with suppliers and service providers, BTC · Braga Theatre Company collects personal data to comply with the legal obligations imposed by the prevailing legislation.

f) Rede Quadrilátero Urbano: Teatro Circo de Braga shares the personal data of clients who hold the card with the acceding entities. The use of the data is carried out in accordance with the 
Terms and conditions of the Cartão Quadrilátero Cultural and Information about the handling of personal data.


You may cancel the reception of the Newsletter, as well as any other of the above-mentioned communications, at any time, using the provided contact option.

Apart from data collected for the supply of products and services (necessary for the execution of a contract), filming through video surveillance and within the recruitment process in which data is treated in compliance with legal obligations, the legal basis for data treatment is the holder’s consent.

Personal data collected during an order or service supply request by BTC · Braga Theatre Company is necessary for the execution of the contract, which Teatro Circo de Braga will not be able to fulfil if, by any form, the user is against the associated data handling conditions.

Who are the recipients of your data?

BTC · Braga Theatre Company may subcontract other companies to provide certain services, as is the case of courier services, tax and accounting consultation, IT advisory, marketing (including email sending) or website maintenance and digital suppliers. In these cases, the third parties may need access to certain information related to personal data.


BTC · Braga Theatre Company guarantees that, in these cases, these third parties will have limited access to the personal data, limiting the access exclusively to the necessary data for the execution of the contracted tasks, being granted an agreement between the parties in which the protection of the Personal Data is regulated. These third parties are obliged not to reveal, by any means, the Personal Data, nor may they use the information for other purposes besides the provision of the contracted services.

BTC · Braga Theatre Company may communicate your Personal Data whenever it is determined by law in the context of legal proceedings or during the investigation of suspicious activities.

Teatro Circo de Braga will under no circumstance share your data with other countries or with international organizations out of the European Union.

BTC · Braga Theatre Company collects personal information of minores under the age of 18, mainly in applications for workshops. In these cases, it is always consented by the minores legal guardian/tutor.

Where does BTC · Braga Theatre Company store your data?

Teatro Circo de Braga stores all the collected data in servers located in a secure environment, protected from non-authorized access, use or exposure.

Teatro Circo de Braga adopts the necessary technical, electronic and organizational procedures to guarantee the security of your Personal Data and to prevent its loss, misuse or undue access.

Note that your data will only be processed for the purpose with which it was collected and under the conditions stipulated by the present Privacy Policy.

What are your rights once you provide Teatro Circo de Braga with your data?

In accordance with the applicable legislation, BTC · Braga Theatre Company commits to respecting the confidentiality of your personal information and guarantees your right to:
The right to be informed
The right to access
The right to rectify
The right to oppose
The right to limit
The right to erase personal data or the “right to be forgotten”
The right to withdraw consent
The right to transfer

To request the fulfilment of any of the aforesaid rights, you may send a letter to the previously mentioned address or send an email to the above-mentioned address. You may also use the referred contacts to ask any question about the present Privacy Policy.

For how long is your data stored?

Your data is only stored for the period needed to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, to respond to your necessities or to fulfil legal obligations.

To determine the period for which your data is stored, the aforementioned criteria is used. In the case many criteria are simultaneously applicable, your Personal Data will be conserved according to the criteria that intends for the data to be stored for the longest period.

a) When you purchase products and/or services, your personal data is conserved during the validity of the commercial relationship, including possible claims that may appear, as well as 2 years after its termination, without prejudice to the legal obligations of the responsible for the treatment of the information;

b) Whenever contacted with questions, the personal data is conserved for the necessary period for the resolution of the issue;

c) Whenever consent is given for the issuing of direct marketing, personal data will be stored until the subscription is annulled or until asked to eliminate the data;

d) Regarding images captured by the video surveillance system, they will be stored for a maximum of 30 days;

e) Concerning data collected during the recruitment process and/or spontaneous applications, data will be stored for a maximum of 2 years after the process has ended; or

f) The period predicted in the applicable legislation under the defined circumstances.

In any of the referred situations, if there is an existing judicial or misdemeanour in process, the data will be stored during the entire process and up to six months after judgement has been delivered.

Your personal data may be retained in the inevitability of complying with BTC · Braga Theatre Company’s legal obligations, as well as to manage or reinforce its rights, mainly via litigation.
Once the conservation deadlines have expired, the Personal Data will be eliminated and/or erased securely.

Final considerations

The data’s holder guarantees that the Personal Data shared with BTC · Braga Theatre Company is correct and precise, committing to notify any alteration or modification and to accepting responsibility for the loss or damage caused by false, unprecise or incomplete communication of the data.

The data’s owner is warned that, by revealing Personal Data through Teatro Circo de Braga’s public platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this information may be seen and used by third parties. Teatro Circo de Braga does not read any personal communication published on its client’s personal web pages

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