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Founded in Porto in 1980 and since 1984 in Braga, under a protocol with the Municipality, the Theater Company of Braga (TCB) is one of the most solid projects of theatrical decentralization that emerged from the democratic process. The Artistic Project of the TCB crosses the ever-renewed interest in the new dramaturgies with the experimentation - through our theatrical practice - on the great dramaturgic legacy of humanity: the classics. It develops and deepens its Artistic Project in the areas of Theatrical Creation, Media Arts and Audience Training. From its beginning, the project has assumed Braga and the Theatro Circo as Meeting Place and Artistic Confrontation between creators of Europe and Lusophony, encompassing in this field the neighboring Galicia.


1980 |  2020


In this four-year period, we express the desire to cross the border to the Ibero-American side, opening up relations of creation and exchange with Mexico and Cuba, bringing the history with Brazil and structures of other regions of Spain. As  we have made in Europeand we continue to do so, during this year, with Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Romania and Italy.

This openness to the Other and the concern with Citizenship contributes to a reflection on the theatrical creation and practice of the TCB and, thus, decisively influenced our process of creation, positioning in the context of the sector, within the so-called "decentralization "and other factors of differentiation and specificity. Here we give two examples: one for a reflection and the other for a practice. In the reflection, the importance of deep knowledge of the models of management, nature of the structures, funding policies and cultural habits in other countries. In fact, the TCB’s understanding on the concept of "interpret" by the actor and which is synthetically summarized by the following practice: the actor does not interpret the text. The actor interprets the other actor. The need to remove from the "actor’s head" the weight of the Judeo-Christian education, which the cultural and identity matrix generates an "overwhelming weight" in the idea and practice of "representation". The Program here presented it’s our contribution as artists / citizens in the search of a society where human dignity, respect for the Other and cultural diversity, bring us together (actors and audiences) to another Time, another Europe and a new City.

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