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This field will continue to be structured in BRAGACULT.3 · Make Heads Spin! The project develops in partnership with several institutions of the City, and multiple Workshops will take advantage of the TCB’s international relations. It is relevant in this area, the project of Artistic Residencies, for young national and foreign artists and the Media Arts Workshops is the responsibility of Maria Augusta Productions (specific department of the TCB, for this area).

The Video and Sound Creation Center of the Theater Company of Braga, hitherto under the name of Catenary, assumes a new identity, such as MARIA AUGUSTA PRODUCTIONS. And it is in this way that intends to continue to ensure the production of content for the TCB in 3 different areas of work:


1. programs of the BragaCult.3 project – make heads spin!, such as Workshops of Sound Capture, Audio Fiction, Experimental Video Creation, Video Editing, Artistic Creation and Integration;


2. Production of the videos of the Company's creations; 


3. Artistic Residencies in the area of Media Arts.


Thus, at the Media Arts Workshops in the Old Railway Station studios, Maria Augusta intends to deepen the relationship between the artistic projects developed and the surrounding environment, stimulating collaboration with institutions in the city and the region. In this new phase of the Old Railway Station building, a closer cooperation with the present entities is under way, in order to dynamize the space and establish the building as a cultural area of public interest. It also intends to continue the collaboration with the Artistic Residencies supported by the TCB, both in the production aid and in the organization of events to present the work developed.

1980 |  2020


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