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Fabian works mainly with 3D printing to create sculptures and installations. His works play with methods of data disruption and alienation. Yet, his objective isn’t an obliteration of a precedent visualization, but rather a transformation of the original material, a transposition of intangible immaterial data into a form of physical existence. He experiments on 3D printers, letting data grow into abstract sculptures. For this process, data is extracted from email accounts, leaked documents, etc., modifying them in such a manner that clearly recognizable information no longer exists. Interacting with open hardware 3D printers, whose construction plans are reconfigured, he creates computer-generated objects, indefinable sculptures that are difficult to describe. For the artistic residency in Braga, Fabian will explore questions of data (de)visualization. and performative actions based on fluxus scores and other performative scenarios that are still up to invent, interacting with the city and its inhabitants. Digital fabrication technologies, like 3D printing, scanning, modelation and video will be the tools to work data content collected in the city of Braga.







Destined to |  8 attending participants and general audience in presentation

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