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A Máquina do Mundo ​ 


“THE WORLD MACHINE / MACHINE WORLD” is a crossover project - by authors Alexej Schipenko (Germany / Russia) and Juri Sternburg (Germany / 2012 Berliner Stückemarkt winner and author at the 2013 Ballhaus Naunynstraße Literature Workshop / Theaters- Maxim Gorki in Berlin), with the Braga Theater Company and its BragaCult audience building project, with an international organization, an Interdisciplinary Artists Collective: with actor and producer Stipe Ercegs (Germany / Croatia) and the Berlin film producer NONDUAL PRODUCTIONS - which aims to create an open space for theatrical artists, musicians, independent filmmakers, other artists and interested citizens.The playwright of the entire project is by Anna Langhoff (Germany). The goals of project-artists: to interact with those who are generally called "the public" and create a common space for perception, action and vision; to document this interaction through a documentary; make a fiction movie from this material; include this film in the play and then present the different results - play and film - in Germany (Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart / Gostner Hoftheater, Nuremberg / Theater im Stadthafen, Rostock), Portugal, Italy and Ukraine. The project team is particularly defined by its interest in a 'usable' art that stimulates a process of social change; an art that creates less “one product” and bets more on cultural participation. This accentuates “interest in the process of participation”.

In this context, the team also explicitly relies on the exchange of experiences between Generations, through the cooperation of known artists with young future artists. Our motto is: There is no democracy without empathy. There is no equality without solidarity. And there is no reality without realization. The underlying question of the project is: What moves our world? In the first stage, a play is written. In the second stage, she is staged with the cast at CTB and with international actors at the Theatro Circo de Braga. As with the Oresteia project, there are still about 30 participants who have attended several bragaCult workshops in the last two years. Special attention will be given to the different perception of the crisis in the 'poorest' and 'richest' countries; The different handling of this crisis and the way each one affected by it seeks a collective (artistic) expression as a means of action to overcome it in a pluralistic, competitive and critical way. In the third stage, the world premiere takes place in Braga (unique performance at the 1º de Maio football stadium or Exhibition Park), in parallel with a single 'Grand Concert', developed with the residents of Braga (voice, instruments , different objects), within the scope of the BragaCult project.In this space will meet: the actors, the musicians of the 'Grand Concert', a flashmob (organized especially for this show, by young artists from Porto and Braga) and the public.

It is intended that this show is based on a collective happening. This event, in turn, will be documented by cameraman Fedor Lyass (Russia) and young Portuguese filmmakers. In the fourth stage, Alexej Schipenko, young filmmaker Frederico Bustorff Madeira (Portugal) and young editor / cutter Christian Thiem (Germany) will create, from this material and in cooperation with NONDUAL PRODUCTIONS, a film, enriched with documentary supplement. For this purpose, additional scenes will be filmed with actors Rui Madeira (Portugal), Stipe Erceg (Germany / Croatia), Dörte Lyssewski (Germany), Solange Sá (Portugal), Andrij Kritenko (Germany / Ukraine), Rogério Boane (Portugal / Mozambique) and Attila Manju (Germany / Turkey) and Thamara Thais / Brazil. Like the performance at the 1st May Football Stadium / Exhibition Park, the 'Grand Concert,' and all the theatrical work, will be a part of the movie “THE MACHINE OF THE WORLD / MACINH WORLD. Also the theater show 'A MACHINE OF THE WORLD / MACHINE WORLD', which after the premiere, will be part of CTB's repertoire, which will be performed at the Braga Circus Theater and other national and foreign theaters, will include documentary material and movie scenes. The film 'MACHINE WORLD', in addition, will also be screened at the 'Plötzlich am Meer' (German-Polish) Music Festival, and is to be submitted to several film festivals in 2016.

There is more to say ...

                                                                                                                                    Anna Langhoff

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