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Agamémnon ·  Coéforas ·  Euménides (458 a.c.)

Oresteia, a tragedy of Europe. In search of a political theater. With Oresteia, we want to focus on contemporary times. In U.S! In this our-by-inheritance of bastards-Europe. This mythical, beautiful and warm Europe that was bathing in the Peloponnese, nursed in the cradle by Hellas so as not to let Memory betray us. The long-cherished longing for destruction of our beloved Europe is growing and the new Turks are, after all, our brothers of yesterday. They are among us today and await the moment. With Oresteia we want to settle in Europe from the South. With our feet on the Mediterranean sands, on a star roof, with the olive oil to light and an olive branch in hand… Europe lost its way around the war. The commanders trembled, got drunk, and proud of power, declared war on the peoples. This Europe, home of the Atridas, cradle of nations and cultures, of habits of coexistence between men and gods is captive as Cassandra. Europe, this all arrogant and starving Europe, stepdaughter of all the mental cripples of the second war, is the Europe of leaders / puppets, armored by gods in a circus Olympus. With empty-eyed masks and stolen teeth in concentration camps, oil funnels in their mouths, and boots made of skin and bones from mass graves. They continue to tear down altars, for nothing is unworthy of them. There are no more gods who come to us, nor men who question them. Our Europe is today a shapeless, jellylike mass that clings to what passes. With Oresteia, the masks of this European tragedy hide the unique faces of “punishing gods that democracy has erected” and who from the top of their Olympus boast the stunned choirs of the disinherited and begin to interrogate the Capital, that former machine god. . And so, in this tragic trilogy between deposing lineage and dehumanized humans, the new paradigm of Justice, perhaps more cheating, will be rehearsed. With Oresteia what is told is the history of this Europe, after World War II, broken and dying, tired of victory. Divided as a family with unrest where hatred reigns, envy and intrigue. This Europe / Clitemnestra one step, bitch and mother. Agamemnon and Egisto, Orestes and Electra… this Europe with so many Cassandras in its ear. This Mediterranean Europe is breaking free and wiping out the old gods who want to drive us crazy. Neither are we condemned, like Efigenia, nor are we as fickle as Helena. War, this war is to be won by the Athens Citizens Choir…


Rui Madeira

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