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from texts by Fernando Pessoa

121st Production · 2014

An immense humanity is what permeates the words of Fernando Pessoa, poet and greatest thinker of portuguese literature. Steeped in memory and dream, full of everyday, anyway, useless gestures, but surviving the eternal time of the world; vital words of an initiatory amazement that bare the absurdity of life‐death under the relentless layer of artistic instinct.

This show focuses on the process/drama of artistic creation as ground search of an identity; letters, voices, multiple bodies, the different forms of Caeiro, Reis and Campos, seek to assert their originality and their difference but we know its full meaning and meets the complex universe of one nameless Pessoa, shattered.

In this body present, onstage, can we redeem these glittering sparks of lucidity and creation, timeless food? We hope so.

Sílvia Brito

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