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Jean Genet

130rd Production · [ 2016 ]

As in a matrioska the text within the text within the cover, as a story that repeats itself endlessly as two devout and humble sisters as in an onion which peels itself as a life that is lived as the pleasure of a serial killer as two maids who dress the mistress' gestures as adrenaline that is experienced as two sisters who train the hate to achieve the unspeakable as in a blood alliance as in a rosary endlessly prayed in low voice as two sisters bended like the spit that comes out of our mouth as the gob that's swallowed and squeezes our gorge as Freedom is lived as the sweat of an anal penetration as a gnashing of teeth in an ice cold silence as a piece of meat that comes out from the hot oven and forces itself in the body's mouth as we put makeup on Solitude two bodies fight as two mouths open as two mouths close as time of silence as when nothing is heard as the word: LOVE !

Rui Madeira

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