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Henrik Ibsen

PREMIERE · NOVEMBER 21s  [ 2019 ] Teatro delle Saline | Caglíari / itália


“because, for the first time, it is the reality that comes together with reality and not a spectrum to another spectrum. ”  · Lou Andréas Salomé



A house of absent men. A women's house.

For the sake of life ... and what lives! What you see is never reality.

The public and the private. The house as border space to hold up the street. The person and society. The exercise of living. We will never know in life who we are and what we are capable of. The others compel us to the definition. The revelation of ancient memories and secrets explodes in the minds of the living. A sense of "end times" as in Greek tragedy. And in which euthanasia, conjugality, morality, ethics, the status of woman and man are small swallows swallowed and direct to the liver.

A rug extended by Ibsen, in a white atmosphere, to give way to our deepest realities of the soul.

Rui Madeira

* co-production [part 2] with: Akroama · Teatro Stabile di Innovazione e Ricerca della Sardegna · Caglíari | Itália

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