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Camilo Castelo Branco

133rd Production ·  [ 2017 ]

After, in 2016, having premiered the tragicomedy "Justice", TCB returns to Camilo Castelo Branco with this "Love Of Perdition", a show-lesson, aimed particularly at the school circuit, one of the vectors of the Company's creation. This show integrates, in its conception, the exhibition of mechanisms of theatrical practice (reading, literary analysis, dramaturgical analysis, character construction and creation of the scene), thus contributing to the study of the literary text, the taste for reading and for the understanding of the theatrical practice, in an active interrogation of the parameters and goals for the "Literary Education" of the Portuguese program for Secondary Education that propose a very reduced reading of the work (Introduction, Conclusion, and two other chapters out of XX). Teachers and students, as well as the general public, will be able to watch in this theatrical essay of the Camilo’s novel the disassembling of questions on the development of the action, the construction of the plot, the route of the characters, the narrative strategies of the acts practiced, the direct and ironic criticism to society, the multiplicity of language, the commitment of the author-narrator and the role of the reader / spectator.

Sílvia Brito

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