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Camilo Castelo Branco

128th Production · [ 2016 ]

The Company returns to the Portuguese classical authors. Now with the drama Justice of Camilo Castelo Branco. It is the continuation of the "saga in Pensão Portugal”, which we started with Falar Verdade a Mentir by A. Garrett, later with Sabina Freire by M. Teixeira-Gomes (in a co-production with A Escola da Noite) and whose characters meet, now, years later "involved" in this drama... well to the liking of our audiences. We have created a knife-and-paper drama to paraphrase some characters: "prove that the world is not a valley of tears, at least not whole. There are certain pieces of the world where there are no tears" / "Particularly where Malvasia, Madeira and champagne" / “and Port predominate. I'm Patriot"! / "I see everything in pink... Life has very good things, whatever the cemetery poets say. There are few who know how to take advantage of this sublime bragging that translators commonly call society." In Justice we are in a peculiar view of society and customs. On the one hand the utopia of a society that should be noble by honor and by work, the apology of the self-made man who, out of poverty, will conquer his space with probity. In the opposite trench, marble men, stony hearts, worshipers of the golden calf in a society in which man was the wolf of man.


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