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Franz Xaver Kroetz

104 ª Produção ·  [ 2009 ]

This CONCERT “ À LA CARTE ”is a cold, real to the bone look at the life of more and more women in every city. It's a reversed social comedy. If until the 1970s the established view was that marriage would be an invention of the bourgeoisie and the ruling class to keep fortune and heritage within the family and entrusted to its heirs. Today, that false morality has collapsed, and pressured by neo-liberalism, women are increasingly placed in the generalized precariousness market, with a return to the ideology of marriage as a mean to economic survival. A modernized morality. But the reality is more ruthless every day. Beyond the prejudices of male domination, we have two increasingly competitive markets: the labour market and the marriage market. By choice, a painful one, by abandonment, by every step stronger and more dramatic reasons. The Street is a more and more growing space for the dignity spectacle that wants to keep itself, and the house, its interior, as a prison space that grants Freedom for us to strip that social uniform. And there, in that “theatre” the solitude, the cruelty of life, turn us into puppets of ourselves...


But it is also a Tribute to all Women that are not an event.

Rui Madeira

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