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Thomas Bernhard

125th Production · [ 2015]

What is at stake is the Theater itself: the Hall, the Artists and the Audience. It seems that the Europeans still don ́t understand how far the World War II has brought us. There is today a generation of shipwrecked people in this Europe, struggling fiercely to return to the surface, with no collective memory and a deep sense of revenge. They are real, concrete, enchanting and believe that this Europe can once again be their Europe, that of barbarism. Characters suffocated in fear coats to invest against the City. The lack of love or hate, as the strategy that remains for survival. The Mother, the Daughter, the Dramatic Writer, the Maid, are not alone, one against the other. They display, too, in "shameless" nudity the mechanisms of the brains. In a crepuscular "family frame" emerges the Figure of the Mother who makes her life, it stepped over Everything. Yes, the filth she says it proliferates everywhere, in the theater, in the factory, in the workers, yes... 60 years ago, 70 years ago "the workers triumph / but this ours still don’t understand / the workers triumph / they have the Notebook in their hands / dictate determine / ruin us completely... as you don’t understand anything about tea / you also have no idea of the history of the world my daughter." [ On The Mark ]

Rui Madeira


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